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Family Retreat

Nestled in untouched wilderness, our rustic luxury log cottage offers an unparalleled chance to reconnect with nature and each other. Amidst towering pines, families bond through shared adventures, turning the cabin into a hub of laughter and exploration. Your next log cabin family retreat is a canvas for unforgettable memories.


This isn't just a vacation; it's a transformative journey where families create timeless stories as unforgettable as the forest itself.


Couples Retreat

Gathered in the embrace of a secluded log cabin, a couples retreat is a voyage into the heart of romance, rekindling the flame of connection. As the sun sets, the cabin's fireplace casts a spell of warmth & intimacy, the perfect backdrop for shared secrets & whispered promises. Beneath stars, the outdoor hot-tub brews relaxation & enchantment, where couples toast to the magic of their love story.


This retreat becomes an unforgettable tapestry woven with moments of passion, where the alchemy of nature & the cabin's charm ignites a renewed sense of connection that lingers long after the journey's end

This isn't just a vacation; it's a transformative journey where families create timeless stories as unforgettable as the forest itself.

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Work Retreat

Step away from the daily routine & treat your team to a unique work retreat in a cozy log cabin. Balancing relaxation & team-building, colleagues can rejuvenate amidst the invigorating fresh air. Beyond traditional settings, the cabin offers amenities like crackling fireplace brainstorming sessions & stress-meltingsauna sessions. As day turns to night, the outdoor hot-tub fosters camaraderie under starlit skies, making this retreat a chance to spark inspiration & strengthen bonds in the embrace of nature's serenity.



In the heart of nature's embrace, an intimate elopement finds its home within a handcrafted log cabin. With walls of ageless charm & cottage country's tranquility, this setting transforms into a timeless sanctuary for two souls uniting in love. Amidst the whispering trees & rustic allure, the log cabin becomes not just a witness, but a partner in crafting a story of love as enduring as the very logs that Surround them.



Capture the essence of cherished bonds with a photoshoot at a handcrafted custom log cabin nestled in the heart of the woods. The stunning backdrop of towering trees & rustic charm adds a timeless touch to your moments, creating truly one-of-a-kind memories for couples, families, or friends. Against this enchanting setting, the interplay of laughter, adventure, warmth, & genuine connections is beautifully framed, resulting in photographs that radiate the inherent magic of the cabin's charming allure.



October 2023

“Hosted a wonderful self-care women's retreat at this beautiful cottage over the weekend. Communication with Evelina was easy, she even promptly called me back when we ran into a trivial issue with the hot tub to resolve it. The place is beautiful and exceptionally clean. The wood burning sauna was a great addition, just keep in mind you need to attend to the fire for a good 40 minutes to get it started and going., but well worth it! Don't give up! Lol Thank you Evelina, we will definitely go back :)"
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